Courses/Training Offered

Several avenues for individuals to be trained on instrumentation and techniques commonly used in the IRF exist.  The most direct is to schedule time with the appropriate staff member for individual training on a piece of equipment. All staff members have a number of responsibilities so please do not complete an experiment and request immediate training or help. Please schedule time for assistance at least one week in advance.

Two avenues exist for receiving graduate credit while learning to use equipment in the IRF. The first is through the Independent Studies mechanism with one of the Faculty members. This involves extensive training on an instrument or technique including sample preparation and the completion of a research project.

The second avenue for receiving graduate credit is through the MCBA 740 and 741 courses offered through the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy. Participants in these courses spend two to three weeks consisting of lecture and laboratory hours on several pieces of equipment in the IRF. The goal of the courses is to provide a basic knowledge of several pieces of equipment and the types of data that can be obtained from the equipment. Laboratories are hands on and students are expected to complete a series of basic sample preparations and to collect and analyze data from a series of assigned exercises. Flexibility in the instrumentation covered each semester exists and the courses can be modified based on the needs of the students enrolled. A brief written report is required following each unit of the course.

MCBA 740 (Fall Semester) – Structural Imaging Methods in Biomedical Research
Topics include: histological techniques, light, confocal and electron microscopy, digital imaging and ethics
MCBA 741 (Spring Semester) – Proteomic and Genomic Imaging Methods in Biomedical Research
Topics include: BioPlex/Luminex technology, laser capture microdissection, real time PCR, flow cytometry and cell sorting, mass spectrometry and DNA microarrays

MCBA740 Syllabus

MCBA741 Syllabus