Epson Stylus Large Format Printer 9900

Description — The IRF houses an Epson poster printer suitable for printing high resolution color posters up to 44 inches wide for meeting presentations. epson poster printer Files should be prepared in Powerpoint and can be printed on either lustre paper or on a satin cloth (fabric). The cost is $1.25/linear inch on fabric and $1.00/linear inch on paper. If you have an existing iLabs account with the IRF please submit a poster request and upload your poster there. If you are from another campus and do not have an iLabs account you may email your poster to: or We require poster submissions 48 hours before your expected pick up day. Please do not email us in a panic for a last minute poster. You may also print at USC Printing services downtown on Hampton street if our time constraints are a problem for you. We can no longer take payments by cash or check. Payments will be accepted through University department/fund numbers only. When you submit your poster for printing by email please include the department and fund number to be charged internally as well as your preference for fabric or paper.

Location — The poster printer is located in Building 1 Room B60 of the IRF.

BioRad Supply Center

Description — To facilitate research supply availability at the USC School of Medicine, BioRad has biorad supply centerestablished a supply center that is housed in the IRF. This often eliminates delays and cost in research since supplies are readily available and shipping and handling charges are not applicable. The IRF also places an order with Biorad each Monday morning. To avoid shipping charges and to receive a 5% discount, please email Anna by Friday at 5pm with the catalog numbers and quantity to place your lab's order.

Location —The BioRad Supply Center is located in Building 1, Room B60 of the IRF.


Description – The IRF has three gravity fed sterilizers on the School of Medicine Complex. The AMSCO Renaissance 3021 sterilizer in Building 1 Room B57 and the AMSCO Eagle 3021 sterilizer in Building 4 Room B6 should be used for tissue and cell culture work only. No biohazard materials should be sterilized in these instruments. Sterilization of biohazard or corrosive materials should be done in the AMSCO Eagle 2041 located in Building 1 Room B57.

  • All work should be done in a pan that is stable under sterilizing conditions
  • All wastes should be properly disposed of and not left in the sterilizer rooms

IRF Contact: Anna Harper or Benny Davidson


Description – A refrigerated Beckman Coulter ultracentrifuge (90,000 rpm) is available through the IRF and is located in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy Cell Culture Facility.

Location – The ultracentrifuge is located in Building 4 Room B20